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What does AppEsteem Certification and Seal mean?

AppEsteem is dedicated to a simple vision: that consumers should have nothing to fear when installing and using free software. The company offers technology and services to help the software monetization industry thrive by encouraging the development and distribution of clean apps, while discouraging fraudulent practices, as it helps to identify software and services that can harm consumers. AppEsteem works with leaders across the industry, including anti-malware companies, software vendors, software platforms, consumer groups, and government regulators.

  • ATS has met all thirty-nine compliance parameters required by AppEsteem
  • Founded in 2016 and led by veterans from the cybersecurity industry

AppEsteem's Rigorous Certification Process

AppEsteem's certification requirements are based on input from government regulators, law enforcement, security companies, the software industry, call centers, and consumer groups. Along with AppEsteem's other requirements, they are designed to protect consumers while also helping to build a more sustainable, healthy software downloading industry.

  • ATS completed an intensive certification process
  • AppEsteem conducted an in-depth analysis of ATS’s procedures and policies
  • ATS meets AppEsteem's stringent compliance requirements


"We're delighted to have ATS on board," said Dennis Batchelder, AppEsteem's President. "Thousands of consumers are abused by bad call centers. Now that we have our first certified call center available, we can start identifying, and hopefully shutting down, the bad ones."


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